Granite House is an independent supplier of Granite and other products in Madurai which is situated in state of Tamil Nadu in India. We are top most suppliers of White Marble Italian Marbles, Granite slabs, Marble slabs, Counter tops and a broad range of high stones, tiles etc. (About us) moreover, we also supply Limestones, State Mosaics, Granite and Marble Decorative and numerous more products.We are also a Dealer of Asian Granito India Limited, which is a leading company today in Tiles World. We are reputed and renowned in our industrial domain for our supreme quality products and take pride for their reliability in their area of concern. Through the years, we have developed an outstanding Goodwill with major stone producers around the world.


We aim to create work that is honest and build homes that are full of love. we treat every home just like ours – with RESPECT, ADMIRATION and LOVE


Our Services


Our firm is expertise in recognition of budgetary considerations, exemplary customer service, and visionary attention to our growing personnel needs and it has allowed us to offer competitive benefits.

Our range of Products

Available with us in a choice of Smooth and Rough finishes. We are continously developing the range of finishes and can supply samples showing all materials and finishes with our collection of granites and marbles.


With the widest range of colors and shades to choose from, we are a natural choice for importers of granite and marble slabs and tiles from across the world. We believe that our customers are our most valuable assets.